by Darkswoon

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darcyd-b Jana, your music's unique originality has a authentic quality that showcases your musical talent. I love the layered textures in your music, grounded by the guitar as your vocals wrap around the lyrics with the occasional unpredictable note or chord. This is music that gives more as you listen more. A "favorite" was hard to pick. Each song demonstrates magical passages, rhythmic varieties, and lyrical dimension that draws in a listener. Another musical success! Congratulations! Favorite track: Dark Matter.
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released August 12, 2016



all rights reserved


Darkswoon Portland, Oregon

"With wall-of-sound production and numerous vocal harmonies...sounds somewhere between My Bloody Valentine and Julianna Barwick..."

Surviving the Golden Age

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Track Name: Necromancer
when I see you
in my dreams
you pretend
to be alive
and to forgive

and I feel haunted
by these dreams
where I dig you up
and make you live

I wish I knew you
I wish you knew me
I still love your memory
you still love me in my dreams

I wanna make you live
Track Name: Dark Matter
you speak in half whispers
you could have been a dream
I had before I got here
before I lost myself the most
you could have been a ghost

I am half measured
I am half imagination
I am half reassured
I am half into resignation

I want to tell you you matter to me
but I am dark matter to you
invisible, invisible
invisible, invisible

I want to feel something rose city
'cause I always feel so dull
invisible, invisible
electrocute me rose city
Track Name: Francine
she doesn't want to be quarantined
she doesn't want to eat anymore
she's banging on her cage door

I know the white walls
more than the green
the head stares
the arm steers
the bell jar
the bad years

I think I know just how she feels

life is just trying to come clean

have you ever seen the stars
beyond your own scars
are we locked into who we are
or only who we think we are
we're both alone now but it doesn't make us mean,
now does it Francine?

life's just trying to come clean
Track Name: Carlo Rossi
cigarette drawer emptied some more
she exhaled smoke into my face and told me
cough one more time and you'll be sorry

captive youth, troubled mind
I was a goddamned motherfucking son of a bitch
sweet vermouth, cheap red wine
we were the image of a burning itch
sometimes I don't know about you dear
sometimes a fist would hurt less than the fear

I know you're crazy
I know it's not my fault
I know you've changed me
I know it's not your fault
Track Name: Silhouettes
this feels like dying
my love is killing me
I live to grieve you
somehow it's beautiful

and I miss you

this city drowns after drought
my eyes flood, my nerves shout
these feelings may never leave me
until I'm the source of your grieving

and I miss you

my love is killing me

we watched shadows of ourselves on the wall bloom
they grew tall to fade into the light
wish you hadn't left me soon
you grew tall to fade into the light
we all won't have silhouettes in time